Bitcoin Cycle Platform: Can You Earn On Trading There?

Bitcoin Cycle Platform: Can You Earn On Trading There?

Bitcoin trading is a modern trend in the financial sphere since even non-experienced people without trading experience can get the basics and start earning funds by making predictions about this highly volatile coin. However, where to start trading if you`re new to crypto? One of the platforms is Bitcoin Cycle, and this review is devoted to it.


  • 98% of success rate;
  • Unique algorithm;
  • Low entrance;
  • Auto-trading feature;
  • Ease of use.


  • Inability to withdraw money without verification;
  • Not much information about the development team.

What is Bitcoin Cycle?

A platform used for trading Bitcoin in an automated mode is called Bitcoin Cycle. It was developed with the goal to allow people to make contributions directly to BTC growth. Developers have created a bot based on money-making algorithms and investment theories. This bot is characterized by a high accuracy level, advanced logic, and sophisticated software put in its basis.

Users who want to trade on the Bitcoin Cycle site should understand the risks involved, but there`s a possibility to minimize possible losses by adjusting trading parameters and prefer low-risk strategies when you enter a live trading mode.

About Bitcoin Cycle team

The main feature of Bitcoin Cycle developers is their true love for Bitcoin. They`re BTC enthusiasts who devoted not only much of their time to learn more about Bitcoin but also provided to establish a good deal of place on their website to content about this currency.

They created Bitcoin Cycle to minimize boundaries between ordinary people and technology. The team has transformed crypto investment and trading into a simple and automatic mechanism performed by a bot. The only thing left to people is to manage the account created and withdraw winnings.

Bitcoin Cycle website interface

This is a web-based trading application, so you can access it only by visiting the company`s official website. The platform is designed in green colors with a menu located at the very top of the page. Users can learn more about the development team, open the contact form, log into the existing account, or change the website language there. There`s a registration form on the right, and you`ll find many details about Bitcoin and investing in cryptocurrency scrolling the page down. The bottom of the page is devoted to the way Bitcoin Cycle works, the FAQ section, and the second menu including Terms and Privacy Policy.

How it works

It`s very easy to start trading on the platform. When you register an account and fund it with a minimum of $250, you can begin a trading session. The first step is to adjust settings or choose default parameters. After that, you should launch a bot programmed to buy and sell coins finding the most profitable deals. Every completed deal brings income that lands the account balance immediately. Bitcoin Cycle bots don`t require human intervention and can work round the clock if activated.

Creating a Bitcoin Cycle account

You can join Bitcoin Cycle passing through a traditional registration procedure. There`s an application form at the top of the landing page where you should enter the following details:

  • First and last name;
  • Email address;
  • Phone number.

However, a more responsible stage is the verification process. Users can start trading skipping this stage, but they won`t be able to withdraw funds earned. It`s possible to opt for phone call verification processed within 30 minutes on business days or self activation performed under the guidance of a carefully selected partner from the company.

Bitcoin Cycle features

Many users get enthusiastic about the app due to a number of features it has:

  • Free of charge: the major benefit of Bitcoin Cycle is being free for users. They don`t pay for registration, maintenance, and other services on this website;
  • Accessibility: the platform was made for everyone including not only crypto experts but also ordinary people without trading experience;
  • User-friendly: the trading process is fully automated so even a newbie can start earning immediately.

Deposits and withdrawals

The system determines user location automatically and offers suitable banking options for a deposit respectively. The range of payment methods for European residents is quite extensive, including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Klarna, Rapid, Giropay, and others. The minimum deposit requirement is $250 with the maximum of $15,000.

Withdrawals are processed using the same banking option money was deposited, and they take 24 hours on average.

Customer support

Care about users is important for the Bitcoin Cycle team, so they provided contact information, both on the top and bottom menus. Everyone can press the button and get access to the contact form to get a response from the team 24/7.

Tips for Bitcoin Cycle traders

It makes no difference whether you`re an experienced or beginner trader since good tips will come in handy to everyone who wants to try crypto trading. Here are some of them:

  • Start trading with the minimum amount accepted by the platform.
  • Invest only if this amount isn`t crucial.
  • Diversify the portfolio with several assets to reduce possible unpredictable impact.
  • Try to administer the account more often at the very beginning of trading.
  • Withdraw your first income and only then you can increase your investment.
  • Always try a demo version before risking real money.


Do you already know what platform to choose for BTC trading? Undoubtedly, Bitcoin Cycle has many nice features and offers a very high success rate to traders both experienced and new ones. But it`s worth remembering trading might be a risky process, so it should be taken seriously and responsibly, though it`s often worth investment too.

Ray Dalio is a renowned hedge fund manager and co-founder of Bridgewater Associates. He’s a professional trader and author of bestselling books on finance.
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